Lighthouse Camp Services

We are a service provider within the remote accommodation and hospitality industries. Our expertise includes strategic business plans, training and support in budgeting and inventory control, Human Resources support and OH & S Compliance all of which enables us to facilitate effective operational teams.

We facilitate a focus of hospitality and operational excellence keeping Safety top of mind while providing you with management solutions to all your remote accommodation needs.

Our clients have seen the benefit of our services through, on-site Safety Awards, reduced turnover rates, increased employee engagement and top rated guest service experience ratings. We strive to be your solution to all your business needs through hospitality, strategic planning and cohesive teams.


Our team is dedicated to providing your employees with a clean, healthy environment to help everyone enjoy their work day. Your staff can expect clean offices, tidy lunch rooms, a healthy space to work and a warm smile.

Remote Accommodation & Catering

Our goal is simple: to provide a “superior guest experience” to our clients by providing industry-leading best practices in everything we do, and delivering it all in a sincere, warm & friendly manner.


Our team brings you their expertise of design and construction of camps combined with ease of maintenance and the real practicalities of made to measure camp operations.

Hotel Services

Lighthouse Hotel Services is focused on the provision of full operational services to branded or independent hotels.

We work and live together

Careers with Lighthouse

We are always looking for hard working, driven, friendly staff to join our team.

Corporate Contact

Suite 300, 714 1st Street SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2G 2G8 Canada

Office. 403.265.5190      Fax. 403.290.1027     Email.