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Our Mission

“To be the premiere Company in our industry for accommodations. Our success will build client relationships, employee growth, enrichment and Company value through innovation and being a sound business provider.”

Our Core Values

Lighthouse Camp Services Ltd. functions with the following core values by which we manage our business and treat our employees:


Our team members are supportive of each other’s efforts, loyal to one another, and care for each other both personally and professionally


We act with honesty and integrity, never compromising the truth

Passion for Excellence:

We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in all that we do


We treat our team members and guests with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity. We are respectful of the Company’s assets

Open Communication:

Team members are encouraged to share their opinions and views


Our team is dedicated to work in an injury free environment.
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Lighthouse Camp Services Ltd. (LCS) has received its third consecutive safety award for its camp operations, has its Workplace Safety ‘COR’ (Certificate Of Recognition) rating in place, and to date has zero hours lost time for injuries at WCB.

Our First Nations Commitment

Aboriginal Commitment
Lighthouse Camp Services (LCS) is committed to developing a respectful environment for Aboriginal values and tradition. We are committed to building sustainable economic & cultural relationships with local Aboriginal communities, while maintaining a respectful environment for values and traditions. LCS established its first ‘teaming agreement’ with Mikisew Cree First Nations for its 1500 room camp in Ft McKay. More recently, LCS has signed a ‘teaming agreement’ with the Nisga’a Citizens of Gitlaxt’aamiks, in Northern B.C.

Sii T’ax



Sii T’ax Development Corporation

Aboriginal Employment
LCS is committed to increase Aboriginal employment by working in partnership with communities, schools and local governments. We will ensure our mission by supporting career fairs and investing in the next generation of Aboriginal employees, work placement and training programs. By participating in these opportunities, community leaders will have skills to respond to the social, economic & environmental issues in their communities.

Aboriginal Cultural Events
LCS is committed to participate with Aboriginal communities to discuss and report our progress within the community. Advisory groups and community representatives are also invited regularly to understand our day to day business. These open discussions are an opportunity for open and frank dialogue about our operations, future plans, and environmental practices.

Economic Development
LCS is committed to support community economic development. Our intent is to build solid relationships with local Aboriginal businesses and participate in a variety of community events. LCS is an active Associate Member of NAABA [Northern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association].

Specific Partnerships
LCS is a proud partner of Mikisew Cree First Nations company. This partnership is designed to create cross-training and enhanced career opportunities for First Nations members, extending beyond camp operations, and carries significant value-add benefits for all community stakeholders.

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History of Lighthouse Camp Services Ltd

In early 2011- Lighthouse Camp Services Ltd was selected to operate a 1500 room construction camp for Husky Sunrise SAGD Project which it had successfully served for a 4 year term, all the while receiving consistent accolades from guest and staff alike regarding their superior dining and accommodation experiences.
Lighthouse Camp Services Ltd is involved in other proposed joint prospect developments and additional camp operations are planned for 2016.

Our team

Dario Berloni: Chief Executive Officer
Gilles Corpart: Chief Operating Officer
Jackie Vallis: Human Resources Manager
Jared Beaton: Camp Manager
Boyd Hollett: Head Chef
Graham Betts: HSE Manager

Corporate Office

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Fax: 403-290-1027

Email: info@lighthousecampservices.ca

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